Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It snowed! Two days in a row!

Y'all, it snowed! Two days in a row! So I've strapped and tiger balm-ed my knee so that I could enjoy the pow pow (ahhhh, like my use of the lingo?!). And enjoy I did. Plus, today on every lift ride I was fascinated with the perfect snowflakes that were falling. I'm talking perrrrfect. Like you see in drawings. I promptly pointed them out to everyone, who all promptly replied, 'Yeaha, ... Jess we see them!'. But I like them and here is the best (and I realise blurry to the point of non recognition and not representative of their perfectness) photo I have.

This one was originally uploaded on Flickr by mommamia found here but they were just like this and so tineeeney weeeeney.

C'mon snow, dump on us for the next 7 weeks.

xx j.

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