Monday, April 20, 2009

Off to Mexico tomorrow...

I'm off tomorrow! To Mexico! Sunshine! Taco's! Mojitos!

Mum has warned me that everything will get stolen, but who cares?! It's Mexico! (note: I have great travel insurance so no one needs to worry). So this is the end of winter and a little taste of summer before we head home and set up 'real' life and get 'real' jobs (note: if anyone wants to employ me I'm very nice and very unemployed as of tomorrow!). Hopefully we will get across to Cuba, as I have noticed that the USA is relaxing its position on that little embargo.

So this may be my last post until June, but I will try and add something while I'm away, I just can't guarantee that all my busy days reading on the beach won't get in the way. And to look forward, after June I have my sewing machines back! Yay! Sewing!

I wish you all sunny happy times until I return.

xx j & Mr J Peanut Butter xx

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