Monday, May 18, 2009

Decision Time - The First Dress Back.

The wedding I'm going to is on the 6th of June and being away from my sewing for a year has kinda freaked me out, despite all this, these are the options I am weighing up...

Option 1: Vogue V8494
Pros: I like the neck line, I would do it in the long version, it's and easy pattern
Cons: Feels a little conservative, I can't really picture what type of material I would make it out of.

Option 2: Vogue V8556

Pros: Love the back and the extra wide waist band

Cons: It's an Average sewing skill pattern (arrrgh?! am I ready?! What if I stuff up my first dress?!)

Option 3: Vogue V8574

Pros: Super Dooper Easy, Simple yet formal when long

Cons: The back is so boring.

I know they are all Vogue patterns, but to tell you the truth the internet connection I have isn't handling websites with lots of images. And Burda and Simplicity had pretty lame patterns anyway.

Now, hopefully I won't have to do this very often, but I beg you - if you have an evening dress pattern that is sensational, good for an average sewer and you could recommend it to me, please let me know. Or let me know which is your fav!

It's good to be back.

love to all xx j.


Anonymous said...

I like option 2 - its looks a little different. What material were you think of using? With or without a patterned material?

Veronica Darling... said...

I'm for option 2 as well, the style is so great, and the swishy skirt is really nice. It does look like it'll take up a lot of material, so if you haven't sewed for a while go cheap fabric or OP SHOP LIKE CRAZY so you'll find enough material. That way if you stuff up, it won't cost you too much!

If you do go for option 1, maybe try op shop material again as it'll give it more of a unique style.

But I don't really like option 3 ... SORRY!


geek sewing said...

Is the wedding dressy or semi-dressy? Perhaps dressy considering the options.

Since June 6th is a hop, skip and a jump away, I would go for V8494, view A in solid shantung, and then pair it with show-stopping, killer shoes.