Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A little inspiration

I was lucky enough to be at a very inspiring workshop last Thursday put on by Village Well an amazing organisation that helps towns, streets, places connect to their identity and build a story to inspire locals to be locals and spend locally. They were the brains behind the Melbourne Lane ways and making the lane ways little communities and places for people to feel they own a little of their city. They brought along a wonderful speaker, Michael Shuman who is an ex-lawyer and economist and now champions the "buy local, be local" cause. Simply inspiring and refreshing and his book is the next one I am going to read.

It reminded me of the online blogging craft community, of the way everyone is proud of who they are and what they can contribute and willing to help and comment and support those who are like them but unique in there own way. It also inspired me to create a "story" for myself, to "own" who I am and what I do and want to be, and to be happy about the "small wins" in life.

Thank-you all for being a healthy, inspiring, welcoming community.

xx j.

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