Tuesday, June 9, 2009

V8494 was a smash hit!

So, yes, I do manage to make easy patterns horribly difficult for myself, but it all worked out in the end (phew!). To make the whole thing even sweeter I managed to sew up a matching Ruffled Purse. More importantly, the wedding was wonderful despite the rain and the bride look gorgeous!

Don't we look dapper Mr J Peanut Butter and I? Ahhhh....

I ended up just making it in the plain version because they wanted you to attach the V neck detail and I didn't want to stuff it up at this point. Oh, and sorry there are no photos without the jacket, the day got away and it was raining the whole time! You know the one strange thing I found was that pretty much everyone wore dark or muted tones, a lot of the ladies were even in black. Call me crazy, I thought this was a little strange!

On other, and may I say exciting news, I'm moving 4 hours from Melbourne this weekend. Can't wait to check out Stawell and Horsham (my mum tells me there is an excellent sewing machine shop up there!), unfortunately I won't be sewing for a little while, looks like it's time to pick up the knitting sticks again. Mr JPB and I have picked up some handy jobs up there and with the way things are going with jobs in Melbourne I feel very lucky! If anyone is looking for a grant and they live in the Northern Grampians - I am your girl!
xx j.


geek sewing said...

YOU look smashing in that dress! Nice to hear that you and Mr J PB had a great time.

Anonymous said...

you look sexy!!