Friday, August 7, 2009

Country Women's Association Victorian State Exhibition

So not exactly cutting edge fashions but the handicraft was of amazing quality. And the cakes looked so lovely but because it was an exhibition no taste testers (dang!), and I didn't expect to be elbowed by little old ladies - but I was! Might develop bruises the little buggers and their bags and walkers - I joke, I joke!

Loved the rabbit cake, wanted to eat an ear.
Look at all the people! (and how intently they are scrutinizing everything)

Oh how I would've wished to nip one of these into my bag...

Yes that's right folks, doily's and tea cosies (actually that tea cosie with the flowers was my fav knitted item)

The oldies Love It. Love It. Bus loads of 'em. Couldn't get past them!
Ahhh... CWA.
xx j.

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