Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday High Fives.

Bands. So hot right now. Have got home and sat in the driveway in my car singing along.

1. Phoenix (Lisatamania)

2. Sia (Breath Me - Fourtet remix)

3. Jeff Buckley (Hallelujah)

4. Florence and the Machines (*don't know the name of the song!! Frustrating!!*)

5. Regina Spector (That one about God being funny. What a voice)

And I have a depressing little tail of my poisonous thumb. I think I've tortured my poor little sunflowers that I was given for my birthday. Dang. Yes my friends, that is doctored paperclips holding the poor little things up. I gave them food! I gave them water! I gave them sunshine! I should be a god to them!

I'm off to the CWA (Country Women's Association) State Craft and Quilt show this morning for a look see. It's in St Arnuad and will be a lovely Friday morning activity.

Bring on the weekend xx j.

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