Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm Back!

Sorry I left you for so long. But I'm back now. Promise.

I have been housing it up and summering it up with this lovely weather and my gorgeous lovely friends. Christmas was perfect, New Years was ace and everything since has been so good I'm exhausted!

A highlight of my summer (and I can say that in past tense now as it pours down rain outside my window) was that my bro had an art exhibition, his very first. The show was called 'everything changes' and it was a canvas on the floor that everyone was invited to walk over to create the final art work.

And to top the summer fun off, last weekend I got to see Florence and the Machine at the Melbourne Laneway fest, did someone say girl crush? (The ol' Lumix camera doesn't have much zoom, but I was pretty close and pretty squished)

Now for The Master Plan 2010:

1. I'm getting married in March 2011 and this year I am going to be making my wedding dress. I have a few ideas at this point but nothing set in stone, I will need to find a pattern maker to help me out and go on a few missions to find stuff. My mum doesn't think I should make it because there are so many beautiful dresses out there, but it's really important to me just 'cos.

2. By extension of that I'm planning the wedding and, more pressingly, the engagement party. I've order a dress I'm going to make - Vogue 1030 (but I'll make it shorter I think)

Well, that's it really for now. Engagement Party 20 March (eeeek... only 6 weeks). Wedding Dress. Wedding. House stuff. My mate said to me the other day, 'geez we're getting old buying houses and getting married and worrying about our careers' Hahahah!!!!

This won't just turn into a wedding blog, but it will help me sort my ideas and I love to hear yours. Just don't mention the word 'pink'.

xx j.


Veronica Darling... said...

Loved Laneway!

Ummm I must not have been keeping up properly with all your adventures! Did you BUY the house? If so CONGRATULATIONS! And did I know you're getting married? CONGRALATIONS!

Wow, you're going to have a busy time ahead! I'd totally make my own dress now, but before I got married I didn't really have all my mad skillz. I had a vintage 50s frock, never been worn etc but would probably make a gigantically bright wiggle dress now. And wear Carmen Miranda fruit on my head. Oh how one's ideas change in 4 years.


hanaabaza said...

Hi, I came across your post and the thing that struck out most for me was that you are making your dress! That's amazing! Would you be interested in blogging about this for my site ( - check it out if you don't have a registry, its a great alternative to the traditional options)
Let me know if you're interested!