Thursday, March 4, 2010

Such a scardy cat.

I went op shopping the other day and picked up some winners. The red is a curtain but will make a good skirt I reckon - gotta have vision for a piece other wise it becomes non-descript stash material forever - and the blue one is destined to be non-descript stash, but I liked it! hehe. The pattern is a dress from the 70s, cant go wrong there.

I just love little church op shops cos they all have handwritten tags that remind me of my grandmother who could make anything our chubby little toddler minds pointed out to her.

The dress is also an op shop find, it's prefect except for the length which I fully intend to fix except that my sewing room is a total mess, you know when you move into a new house and there is always one room that never gets properly unpacked, unfortunately we have 2 offices and a sewing room all crammed into the one room, so I think it's doomed:

Anyway the dress is a simple wrap around using elastic for the band with a Obi-like belt that ties up at the back. Should've hemmed that tonight!

Update on the engagement dress: I brought some lovely chiffon but am totally too scared to start it - I haven't sewn anything good in a long time, the last dress I loved but when I washed it it frayed in all the wrong places and I was shattered. But if I can pull it off it will look pretty.

I'm also intending to make a really basic flag for this weekend's Golden Plains Music Festival. If you've never been to Meredith or Golden Plains and you remember next year, beg, borrow, steal to get to one of them. You'll love it I promise.

Finally I feel I should explain that I've been updating from work for the last few months cos we haven't had Internet or computers at home, but now we do - old slow ones that take 10 years to boot up! (Hello Mr JPB: Birthday Present Hint!).

And now back to puppy-sitting and watching out for signs she needs to piddle.

xx j.

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Veronica Darling... said...

Ok - I also have the 70s pattern you got recently at the oppie, it's fabulous and have been thinking of making it again.

Um, you're unreal for rescuing that darling doggie! What's the style (looks like mine, or a relative of)? I'm in love already!

Good luck with the purps stuff, looks tricky but bet you'll pull it off as you ALWAYS seem to do! Winnah!

Have fun at the festi! Wish I was hanging but not the camping part!