Monday, September 6, 2010

I've been a lazy blogger but I'm back!

I've been stuck on 99 posts. Here comes the ol' 1-0-0 and it's only an update sorry! some awesome op shop fabric I found and there's like 4 meters of the stuff!
Part-time house mates dress in an evening style.

Part-time housemates dress in a casual summer style. She seriously whipped these bad boys up.

Hanging out with mumsey in melbourne

spoils from our garden (all the stuff J hasn't killed... hahahahah.)

The wedding dress stage 1.

Bad dress ups #1. Never miss a work meeting where they are allocating character dress ups.

Bad dress ups #2. And he got into the pub wearing that too, there were some interesting dance moves.
More on the wedding dress soon. I have cut out one mock up and will give it a go over the next few weeks.
xx j.

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