Monday, November 29, 2010

Mojo back I've been busy!

On Friday I finished a brooch that I saw Grosgrain - - make as one of her knit challenges, day 4 and hers was a cute grey and mustard one. I honestly didn't think it would work out so pretty for me but thanks to the DIY mothers day corsage: felt Delilah brooch tutorial - -it was a fun and effective process. I sewed all the petals into shape and together because I didnt trust myself being careful with the glue!

Totally brightens up my crappy cardi! I will defiantly be making this little guy again.

I should have another update for you tonight about my other sewing adventures this weekend!

Yay for mojo!

Xx j.

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Veronica Darling... said...


Babes, I'm getting back from Bali on the Friday of Meredith, so am giving it a miss... but got my ticket to Golden Plains, because I LOVE Belle and Sebastian! Have an awesome time, and make sure you sing along to Custard for me!