Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday Wineo

Penfolds Koonunga Hill, Semillon Savignon Blanc 2010, South Australia. $15.

Seeing how this blog is more about my life than sewing and crafting now, and we're all ok with that, I was thinking of a little while ago when friends of ours came to stay and we were late for dinner and still needed to pick up some drinks. So we pulled into a drive through bottle-o and the boys go "I'll have X beer thanks. Girls?" I'm a white wine drinker and I was like "Ummmmmm, Ummmmm, UMMMMM!?" when our mate leans over my shoulder and says "we'll have the Jacob Creek Chardonnay Bin 49, thanks. You'll like this it's our go to white wine."

A 'go-to' white wine? What a great idea, one you know you can trust to enjoy! So now, this year I hope to figure out a 'go-to' and you my friends will be told all about it. And cos I'm an amateur I'd love your suggestions and thoughts.

It's hot today and I just rode home in 30 degree heat, oh yes I am looking forward to this bad boy. It's nice but taste like it has to be super chilled, like by the time you get to the bottom of your glass it may be a bit yuk. It's got that savignon burnt toast smell and is a wonderful light yellow, sweet without being sickly lots of berries maybe? Kinda sticks in the back of your throat a little.

Out of 10: 7

Jeremy says too much tang! 6.

Xx jess

Location:Margaret St,Horsham,Australia

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