Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011: the year of raffles.

So my boss at work told me that at Christmas time his dad came around with 5 frozen chooks, 3 meat trays and a plum pudding all won from raffles. Wow, I said, I never win raffles - people next to or in front of me win them. He replied, dad's just one of those lucky ones who wins every time, you can't beat that kind of luck.
I haven't stopped thinking about it I even discussed my "issue" of being unlucky in raffles with Jeremy he's take on the whole thing was that I don't enter enough. Well, bring on 2011: the year of the raffle. I'm going to enter every competition I can and tally the odds at the end, so far I've:
- collected 10 coupons and sent away for a holiday. Result: Loser (some old guy who's retired and doesn't need a holiday won)
- uploaded photos to win a camera. Result: Loser ( even know we had some kick ass travel scenic shots)
- collected and sent in 3 book tokens to the paper. No result yet cross your fingers for me!
My first raffle tickets supporting relay for life purchased today at the supermarket for $2. C'mon I really want that grocery hamper the taste of being a winner would be so sweet.

Entered: 4
Won: 0
Lost: 2
Undecided: 2

Bring on the winning!

Xx j

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