Friday, April 1, 2011

Wedding Blog Reviews

I really, really enjoyed planning my wedding and being over 3 hours from my family and friends and my venue of choice and in a rather small country town I used the internet for researching and buying a lot of my supplies. I am now officially addicted to wedding blogs, those photographers are good at selling the romantic dream! So I thought I'd give others a starting point on what sites I got addicted too.

Firstly and this addiction is not purely wedding related: Etsy. My whole outfit started with a necklace from Etsy and then I went and bought thank you gifts and got some really great ideas for hair pieces and veils. I spent a lot of time looking at dresses and sending pictures of dresses from Etsy to my ladies for them to look at. It's a wonderful resource for inspiration and handmade, unique objects.

For Australian Brides it's hard to go past the recently re-vamped Polka Dot Bride, it's hard to find a decent website or blog about weddings in general (as opposed to someones wedding) and this one is pretty awesome. It has all the essentials - pretty photos, inspiration photo boards based on colour themes, links to other interesting things in the bridal world, DIY projects, free templates and links to Australian wedding vendors like photographers. I actually found my photographer James Boddington on this site! Xiss Photography. The best thing about Polka Dot Bride is that, like the awesome US and overseas sites it's updated almost everyday and that means that I can live my obsession!

There are four overseas websites that I visit everyday, Ruffled, Once Wed, Wedding Chicks, Rock n Roll Bride.

Rock n Roll Bride really came at the right time for me when everyone was crappy on about traditions and that things "had" to be done a certain way, this website showed me that weddings are more fun when they have personality and it's a bit of a no brainer really. It's a UK site and so the links are not as useful but they have very original ideas and beautiful photos too. One thing that kinda annoyed me was that you have to click on the "more" button on each post to get to the extra photos and I'm a bit of a scroller of a girl, but that's just a preference thing.

Wedding Chicks it all started here for me, I don't remember how I got onto it but once it found me I visited daily. Wedding Chicks has it all and the best part is the Real Weddings pages where you can drool over beautiful romantic wedding after cute dyi-ed wedding. The bummer for us Aussie ladies is that it is US based. I did consider at one stage flying over a photographer I found on this site, but reality kicked in at the right time. There are lots of other options on this site but I didn't use any so I can't tell you if they're good or bad (soz).

Once Wed is very similar to Wedding Chicks and Polka Dot Bride, it is again from the US and therefore the links are pretty useless (unless money is no object) but it's blog set up is mainly real weddings which I found the most useful when trying to come up with ideas. It also has a fashion focus and an extensive DIY section that is deffo worth checking out.

Ruffled towards the end of the planning process became my fav, I dunno why, it's US based so none of the links again apply to me, it's set up much the same as the last couple but I felt like it had a bit more of a DIY-to-make-it-unique focus and it used peoples tried and tested DIY ides, more design focused.

Snippet & Ink was a dark horse. But who can go past daily wedding inspiration? Daily, girls! Plus the beautiful photograph (again!).

In the end my wedding was not as dreamy as a lot of these weddings, not as detailed and designed. I would have loved to have but a) we did what we could with our cash b) it rained and a lot of the details were in the "outside garden party" between the ceremony and reception and c) I'm not a designer! But I made the most of all these websites to inspire me to think of the details and the things that I could use. I directly used the poster instead of a guestbook idea, garden games, the ribbon flags for each guest, and the colourful shoes idea and I was forever emailing my ladies photos that I found on the sites it really kept us all excited about the process.

Well next post will be wedding photos! And then I may introduce you to some of the photographers that I still stalk a little!

xx j.

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