Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wineo Wednesday and Winter Blues

Ninth Island
2010 Pinot Noir

Fruity to begin with, dry and sweet to end, I feel like I can taste the barrel which makes it taste fresh from the cellar door. I brought it because of the cool paintings of the ships on the front and because even though it was $15 it is normally $21, or so the savings sticker tells me. I'm drinking it because I've got the winter blues and I can't shake them. I feel glum, invisible and sorry for myself and no matter how many times I tell myself this weather, this mood will pass I want nothing more than to climb into a hole with a dozen cases of red wine and emerge in the spring when the weather is nice and I can go to the beach again. My gorgeous boy and our ever attentive puppy can come with me to hibernate. Aaarrrgh! What do you do to get through the winter blues?
Xx j

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