Thursday, November 17, 2011

I have been sewin' just not bloggin', but I'm BACK BABY!!!

One success and one not so successful...

I loved the dress I made for the races - scoop back, sleeves, high front neckline and I made a little white satin bow belt to go with it and a bit of a slapdash headpiece! I cut the size according to the packet but it was waaaay to big around my waist. I am really getting sick of altering patterns after I have made them, I really need to be less lazy and start planning better. Mantra from now on - Plan Better.

The day at the races was excellent. My parents and my gorgeous sister came up for the weekend and my grandparents had some hot tips for the races and to top it off I totally won my money back for the day. Booo yah. (I also got very sunburnt - first sunny day I'd seen in a long time!). I am utterly in love with this fabric too I bought about 6 meters, so expect to see it more.

Anywho - the dress (Awkward Photo Alert):

The second dress I have to show you is not my finest, I mean I love the dress itself (sorry for photo quality) and it was all going so well, until I tried it on lined and all and I realised the bust darts were pointy. Madonna pointy. Not appropriate for a corporate dinner. So I agonised, have you ever had one of those nights where you do everything in your power to avoid unpicking a bodice and resewing and in the end that would have been easier and more effective? Well, imagine me doing that. For hours. I did wear it in the end, but felt a bit self conscious about it the whole night. I will make it again, and really focus (PLAN!) on the darts. 
I have a blue maxi dress that I made for a presentation dinner but, I didn't get a photo somehow so I'll have to dig one up.

Next project: Meredith Flag and something foodie! 

xx j.

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