Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First post of 2012

What would the first post of 2012 be if it didn't contain a wildly whimsical and potentially unachievable list? I love making up little 'challenges' and list for myself so while I'm not going to call them resolutions, I think they might be resolutions. Here's my 12 in 2012 list
1. Wear lipstick more often than not.
2. Make something every week. Not necessarily sewing but something to show and tell about.
3. Keep experimenting with taking photos, master the art of the 'people talking in a group but still a lovely photo' shot.
4. Do the 365 photo project on my phone. A photo for every day.
5. Be snowboard fit for our Feb trip to Canada.
6. Make sourdough, curry paste and macaroons from scratch.
7. Save my little booty off.
8. Blog more, comment more. Get amongst it.
9. Appreciate my parents and siblings more.
10. Call instead of texting. Reconnect.
11. Go on more dates with my lovely Jeremy.
12. Put on an excellent dinner party for Jeremy's birthday.

That was pretty easy. They don't look too tough! What's your 12 in 2012 list?

Xx j

1 comment:

Ria Coffey said...

I love this list Jess.
All the best for 2012- sorry I didn't get to catch you at Meredith last year- Zach and I were busy shifting house. I live in Melbourne now. Finally!
Hope to see you one day soon- let me know if you're ever heading to Barber Bar.
Much love