Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Husband Makes the Best Pesto.

No joke. It's his beautiful garden I'm always photographing and it's his beautiful produce I get to eat every night. Last year he started making basil pesto and while there was a *slight* mishap with the wooden spoon and the blender, his pesto was amazing. Fresh, chunky and aromatic. We ate it with pasta, on sourdough with eggs, in sandwiches, on chicken and roasted veggies. He made it again this year and this year he picked all the little leaves off the stalks all by himself (that was my painful job last year!). He didn't make as much this year which means every time I eat it I feel a bit greedy and special. To make up for the limited run of precious pesto he also made a Thai curry and mango paste from our Thai curry leaves. This little beauty is going to be a White House staple, it has a very unexpected flavour with chilli, lime, curry leaves and mango.

I've decided that we're only going to give these away to the lovelies who come and visit us up here in the country; it can be a rural treat. And maybe our mums. Maybe...

I would give you the recipe but, to be honest, he just makes it up as he goes along all the while tasting and adding.

xx jess.

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