Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Classy Hens Day, for the Classy Emma.

Some amazing venues, some beautiful girls, some classy Irish wedding traditions and lots of food and cocktails. Hen's Celebrations do not have to be about boys at all, the beautiful Emma was just made to feel special all day.

Josie Bones staff were amazing, happy to have us and accommodated us at every request. The share plate style long lunch was perfect for a big group and at $45 for 4 courses it was exceptional value. The long lunch style also meant we could do some little activities along the way. But really the main event was the beautiful food, ribs, goat with pomegranate, these juicy meat filled spring rolls, smoky almonds with beetroot, the best cauliflower I've ever tasted... I'm not doing to menu justice! Could not recommend Josie Bones high enough, do yourself a favour friends, book a long lunch for lots of friends.

And what could be more perfect than wandering 4 doors down to Dirty Secrets? We took over when they opened and indulged, oh we indulged! 

Venue: Josie Bones for a loooooong lunch and Dirty Secrets for cocktails

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