Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Creative Mojo: it comes and goes.

I stopped writing on this blog a little while ago, I was happy for pictures to tell the story. But that's all about to change. My new job - if you call 5 months "new" - has introduced me to some amazing people with amazing ideas and enthusiasm, so, when one of them visited my blog and said, 'but... you have no words', I thought, 'oh yeah, words...'. So words are back, maybe not forever, who knows where my whims will lead me?

One thing I will say is the ol' Creative Mojo has made a triumphant return with a quick whisper in my ear to keep it simple and not to stress about "achieving" creatively and just going with wherever the wind takes me.

So a little inspiration kicked me into gear this week: a party! Who doesn't love parties? No one, that's who. Or maybe people born on the 29th of February because they only get to party every 4 years. But I digress.

Our footy tipping comp is having it's night of night's tomorrow, the comp's called The Hub so  appropriately the night of night's is The Hublow (sorry to non AFL followers, I would explain but Wikipedia will tell you all about Australian Rules Footy waaaaay better than I can).

A premiership flag for the occasion, fun and quick to make. There's nothing like a little DYI to give an event a personal touch.

And felt is a dream to work with, easy to cut and no slipping.

Also a skirt thanks to Leanne Barlow at Elle Apparel for her maxi skirt tutorial: comfy even for non-pregnant people!

So my machine and I have completed 2 projects in 1 week. That is almost a record. Let's hope Ms CM sticks around for a while.

xx j.

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