Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Project Better Blog: Photoshop

In light of Alt creating their Alt for Everyone online conference and the fact that there is so many beautiful blogs out there which I hope to rub shoulders with, I gotta get better at this blogging thing.

So therefore it's time to take steps. Real and simple and time consuming steps. The internet is a magical and mystical place that can teach me anything. ANYTHING I TELLS YOU.


Step One: Photoshop.

(ARRRRRRRGGGGGh. Photoshop, why do you hate me. But, I will, in the words of Anne from The Great British Sewing Bee, talk to you nicely until you do what I say...or I do what you say... whichever comes first really.)

Please be gentle with me. I'm a total novice. But, thanks to the Alt blog I found this neat little post on text and photos. Which, quite frankly makes sense. And it got me thinking, if I can achieve a few basic but designy inspired techniques it would be a good step.

Of course they're Links for Blog Love post is what you should be reading, not my mis-adventures with the hussy photoshop.

But... here we are.

My Get-Better-At-Photoshop To Do List.
  1. The beautifully simple post by Nicole's Classes about adding text to photos, found via Alt.
  2. Also I can't stop devouring everything on Pugly Pixel. First to do: creat some photo layouts for myself from this post.
  3. Watch more of Jeremy Shuback's Photoshop tutorials. They're snappy and fun. And a tad overwhelming. But packed with tips for the beginner (me!) 

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