Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I made BATHERS (or togs as my dad calls them)!

Being pregnant means that slowly your clothes stop fitting like they're supposed to. With our heat waves of 40+ degrees here and a gorgeous pool just around the corner at the in-law's, my beloved pair of bathers (that I will confess to have over-loved for about 3 years) really needed to retire. And I needed to invest in a pair of ones that were going to grow with my bump and still make me look hip in the local maternity water aerobics class. Now I could make it easy for myself and purchase a pair and look the same as every other soon to be mamma or I could set myself the challenge of making my first pair of bathers with a 2 week deadline.

Challenge accepted!

I jumped online and found everything I needed and some sweet patterned material at The Fabric Fairy. Despite being in the states they were pretty quick delivery and cheaper than anything I could find locally - not by much mind you - it came down to the fabric choices in the end.

I knew I wanted a forgiving fabric pattern that wasn't going to break my heart if I didn't match the sides or make me look like a wide load etc. This crazy print was perfect.

Next I hacked up the old suit and traced it a little bigger, used the Megan Nielson Ruched Maternity T-shirt pattern for gathering inspiration around the baby bump, did the same with the lining and went about this project, not really knowing if I was going to pull it off. 

Then I went about using my new favourite twin needle to stitch the whole thing together. I had a hot and bothered husband dying to go to the pool as my deadline.

To tell you the truth, it wasn't that hard. There are definitely things I can do better next time like make the backside a little wider, make the elastic around the legs a little tighter, consider tighter gathering, think about elastic placement under the boobs.

But all in all the things I like is that it's a direct replica of my fav retired bathers, the elastic was easy to sew, it's lined, the fabric feels amazing, I drafted (flown by the seat of my pants!) it, and I think it looks pretty great. Plus no one in my water aerobics class has anything as bright, and the beautiful husband really likes it, especially when we got to the pool to enjoy the beautiful weather.

I'm 28 weeks in these photos, hopefully the bump fits for a few more months! 

It was really fun. I highly recommend it. Go make yourself some togs.

xx j.


Natalie Clue said...

I love them! You should sell them, I'll buy in bulk (:

Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

Love the swimmers :) Togs is such a funny word! Glad to meet another Bendigo based blogger!