Sunday, December 28, 2008

A few little things that started it all.

So, hi, how are ya? Nice to meet you all in Blog land, finally. I've a confession, I've been a lurker for waaaayyy to long now. But I love you all even if my comments have been limited, you must believe me my admiration for you all has been immense.

I thought for the start of my blog I would pay homage to all those that have inspired me so far and basically set my life on this new course; a blogging course.

The one that started it all:

Meet Me At Mikes
Without a doubt the only thing that got me through my last job was the email updates everyday from the lovely Pip at MMAM. Yes, everyday. Much Love.

Totally as a result of stalking Meet Me At Mikes for soooo long here are a few other blogs that I adore:
Assorted Notions
Burda Style
Weekend Designer

I'll add more as we go on, don't want to give away all my treats at once!

Finally there are things you should know about me that will make us best buddies for life.
1. I love sewing and knitting.
2. I am addicted to facebook
3. I am a really bad baker. Savory I can do, the sweet stuff I suck at.
4. I love snowboarding and the powder at Fernie this season.
5. I will try anything.
6. I cry at really cheesy movie moments (i.e The Goonies)
7. I love random gifts either given or received for no reason at all.
8. I can't spell real good.
9. I have a twin sister. Being a twin is awesome.
10. Sometimes I run out of words and don't know what to say.

xx j.

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