Monday, December 29, 2008

Snow makes everything pretty...

I'm doing a season in the snow. It's amazing, when it comes (and it took it's damn time here in Fernie, BC, Canada) it comes and it makes everything really pretty. I was going to show you some of my photos but my devices are incompatible with this crappy computer so here are some I found on Flicker that I really love (thankyou photographers):
from here
from here
from here

I'll get some j originals up real soon. Promise.

For now I wanted to tell you why I called my blog One for you, one for me. They have the best Salvo's in Fernie, anything we need we get, plus more. I feel like I want to give back and since I have started knitting here for everyone, I thought from now one I will knit one beanie (or toque as those crazy Canadians call them) for me (or whoever requests one) and one beanie for the Salvo's. It's so damn cold here everyone could do with a beanie.

This photo came from here on Flickr uploaded by lapsklaus. Nice work tiger. Hopefully my beanies are as good as his.

For now, it's back to knitting.

xx j.

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