Sunday, January 11, 2009

A few golden little time waster websites

Sometimes when I'm sitting here I find I have a little too much time on my hands. Not very often, but when I do I check out all the blogs and sites I can and I wanted to share with you some beautiful websites that make "killing time" a hobby.

* Anthropolgie which has the most beautiful clothes and everything and their catalogues are sooooo lovely to look at and such classic design.

* Etsy, seriously one day at work I sat on Etsy for hours just looking at all the lovely handmade stuff. Oh etsy. I got this wicked necklace for my sis from chainchainchained.

* Ployvore, which I found via Sarah's delightful blog In A Nutshell. Go Sarah! (My first attempt at the virtual wardrobe!) The boots are wicked in this outfit, I'm searching for a pair of boots that I just adore.

Also Meylda, check out her blog Country Girl Couture, is wicked and I love her posts called "The look for less"... I may have to borrow the format when I get home and start sewing again!

Well, procrastination time is over...

xx. j

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