Friday, February 27, 2009

Busy, busy, busy... and frozen hair.

I stitched the gorgeous snowflake pattern, but I didn't have time to stitch it into anything so I'm keeping it for a future project. But I must say I did enjoy how quickly and easy it was, plus I think it looks pretty good - Thanks The Floss Box! Also to be honest with you, I think I rather like cross stitch on plain fabric and not the grid they give you so I think I will try it free hand next time on a bag or something. I got a cool old cross stitch pack from our Salvo's which was a bit random, but cute and only a dollar... ahhh, Fernie Salvo's is the best.

What I did manage to complete (with the help from Miss Tineey) was birthday cakes for E and M. We couldn't hide M's from her so it ended up taking on a personality all of it's own. They're our little smiling snow men with goggle tans! Happy Birthday lovely girls xxAnd finally, I'm knitting another beanie (toque - if you're from Canada), love this navy blue; hate it how garter stitch always curls at the bottom.
So there you have it. Plus there has been the most awesome snow over the last 4 days, today the best of them all and I am stuck at work until 3pm! Here I am yesterday stuck in the powder in Cedar Bowl yesterday - freakin' awesome (and frozen hair)!
xx j.

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