Sunday, March 1, 2009


Oh I have a love hate relationship with websites that play music when you open them. Sometimes I'm trying to do things with a little stealth people. But, I found a good one: The Sasquatch Festival , killer tunes. Nice work guys. Of course I really (really) want to go to this festival at the end of May in Seattle but I'm not sure the Big Bad Money Monkeys will let me. Damn BBM-Monkeys. I would also love to go to Coachella in California, but the BBM-Monkeys. We did get to the wicked Exit Music Festival in Serbia last June, which honestly was sooooo much fun. I still think my fav is the Meredith Music Festival in Melbourne though, it's relaxed and easy and fun.

Photo from Flickr taken by Ben Loveridge

It would be great to finish our round the world trip with a music festival, but then again Mexico and tacos, mojitos and sombreros are pretty damn good too. And to be honest with you I'm a pretty lucky girl I've been to heaps of festivals in my time including Exit in Serbia, Nibe in Denmark and the Mogul Smoker here in Fernie (at -40 degrees!). But if I could I would go to these ones (including all the ones I've mentioned already - read: to lazy to retype!) :

* Roskilde, Denmark - because I wasn't allowed to go in 2000 when Pearl Jam played

*Electric Picnic, Ireland - because I didn't get to go last year and it sounded awesome via the radio

* Burning Man Festival, Nevada - because it would be like no other music/art festival

* Glastonbury, England - because I should, really.

* Blues and Roots, Byron Bay - because I really like blues and roots and don't listen to it enough

* Mt Fuji Rock Festival, Japan - because Japanese bands are crazy and ski hills in summer are beautiful

* Queenscliff Music Festival, Victoria - because it's so chilled

* Sziget, Budapest - because Hungry is the coolest place

* Pukkelpop, Belgium - because Jono went and said it was wicked

* Sweden Rock Festival, Sweden - because Sweden has the best rock bands i.e. The Hives

All this talk of festivals and this guy has written a book! A Year of Festivals by Jarvis Hammond. I know what book I will be reading next. What a great idea. Nice one Jarvis.

xx j.

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Veronica Darling... said...

I'd really like to go to Coachella or SXSW cause they sound really cool!

I just totally updated my blog roll so I can check in on you!

Hope you're well! Looks a little cold for big fashion though! I'd not survive!