Friday, February 6, 2009

Offically, I love KaufmanFranco.

My love affair started with this KaufmanFranco dress which Taylor Swift wore to the Country Music Awards. I carried around a little picture and as soon as I got my new notebook it was pasted in. I love that it is plunging neck line but not all boob. I love that it has a fish tail ending, I love the black and black mesh detail on the top. Love all of it and it started my search for my wedding dress. I have changed my wedding dress idea a heaps now, but I am still in love with this dress and KaufmanFranco make the most amazing dresses! And they puts pockets in their dresses, they make them look so easy to wear.

Their stuff just look amazing on all shapes and sizes, so simple yet so elegant... ahhh.

ahhh... so in love xx j.

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