Friday, March 27, 2009

Busy, busy.

Finally I have started knitting again! This time I will get it finished because the winter is almost over and it's a beanie, and because it's for a friend and he picked some really wicked colours so I'm excited. (Yay, two rows are done!)

We had to say goodbye to our bar of choice in Fernie, as the season is winding up everything is gearing up for the exodus of seasonal workers. Bye Bye A Bar Named Sue. Lastly we just spent 2 days down at Big Mountain Resort in Whitefish, Montana, USA. It was an amazing mountain made better by it's wicked terrain park and the 12inches of snow we got on Tuesday night. I had the best 3 runs of my life on Wednesday morning. I cannot even describe the feeling of floating (really fast) across 12inches of fresh, untouched snow. It's something everyone should do in their life. And I had an amazing group of friends to ride with, nothing like a discussion on whether or not that cliff is big enough to drop off!

That's me getting Sweet Sweet Air! And Mr J Peanut Butter in the powder... ahhh... pow pow.

I can't believe the winter is almost over, better get back to that knitting...

xx j.

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Veronica Darling... said...

Those colours are totally radical!

I can't believe that's YOU in the air, I'd be frightened as all hell. Although I've perfected SNOWPLOW, I've never boarded!