Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh Frankie My Darling...

I picked up my wonderful package from my mum today- WAAAAY bigger than I thought it would be - totally packed with things she thinks I need or knows that I would like. A pajama top, multi-vitamins, Vegemite, Milo (um... please don't tell her they sell these last two everywhere in the world now), pizza shapes, Easter eggs, an Easter card (that dad accidentally ripped and mum had to explain was him and not her) and the best part of all issue 28 March/April of Frankie. I have a love affair with Frankie that started at issue 1 and has continued to be everyone's birthday presents since. And funny how these things happen, here I am sitting at work on the front desk of the lodge - in Fernie, BC, Canada - and a guest says "oh, is that the new Frankie? I just read that one how good is it?!". Why, yes my friend, it is good and you're pretty switched on to pick it from page 50-51. Nice work tiger.
Ahhh... a mag that is about so much more than boring celebrities and their kids. Did someone say refreshing?
xx j.

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