Friday, March 13, 2009

I love my mum.

I just had to share with everyone a little of my mum's email. She writes the BEST emails. Just look at the detail! Look at the love! Oh, mummy!

Just had a fabulous weekend in Tassie with Meredith, Tim and Steph and brought along Guy...but the match make didn't work chemistry there. We drove Guy's 4WD on to the boat at 7pm..was the 4th last to board which meant the 4th off the boat in Devonport @ 6am Sat...after a long stint in the Cinema from 8.30 till 1.30am (Voyage to the Centre of the Earth [2 **] & Australia [3*]....tried sleeping on the lounge floor but the TV's run 24hrs and the particular film was f___ this and f___ that...bit too much for the subconscious especially when I hear it constantly at school!!! ....moved to our allocated deck chairs on the upper deck...just like sleeping in an aeroplane recliner....lots of snoring around you...woken @ 5.00am).....cleared quarantine @ 6.00am then drove west to Launceston and along the east coast (love the gorgeous beach views) had a coffee in St Helens and refuel, bought fresh apricots, plums and peaches and plum jam along the way......fell asleep and woke at Biceno....ate Guy's peanut butter and jam sandwiches.....drove to the historic town of Richmond to see the 1813 convict bridge and buy lovely treats in the old fashion sweet shop (settled for stuffed licorice, curry corn, honey peanuts and coffee..biggest decision in my life...took ages!!!) ...bought a lovely bunch of flowers and 3 yummy bottles of wine...then headed west to the Mt Fields National Park which is one hour from Hobart on the NW and backs onto the Lake Pedder/Mt St Clair/Cradle Mountain...arriving @3pm.....had a light tea of pumpkin and potato soup made by Steph, hot spicy mead and a bottle of red...lots of talking and bed.

Sunday morning we woke late, had a leisurely brunch then walked around her 500 acre property. She has approx 300 lambs [lost 90 in the summer drought], 20 black/white cattle, 4 horses [Arabic] 2 dogs [Sharny,14 yrs is blind and on her way out] then we went to Russel Falls [10 min walk from the car park] ....Lake in the ski fields [cross country/no snow] ...very pretty...sunny, beautiful weather....home to make wallaby stew [Tim shot it the night before, skinned and cut it up before we woke on Sunday] and we made a gooseberry/apple/rhubarb tart....Monday.....drove to STYX Forest to see the big tree & bigger tree....then had a 3 hour lunch in a trendy place by the river....then headed back to Devonport via the lakeside route stopping at the famous Angroves cheese/chocolate place where I indulged in ice cream, cheeses of every kind, mustard's and lemon-myrtle dressing [$62!!l later] before boarding the ferry. Dined in their restaurant and watched more films [-1*] then slept or I think I slept a bit before landing @ 7.15am where Ken picked me up and we drove to school just in time for me to shower and make it to the worst teaching day ever [teacher tired plus students tired = hell]....

hehehe... :)

xx j.

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