Saturday, April 4, 2009

I am terribly unphotogenic...

...especially when I have no time to prepare AND when the person taking the photo points it at my chubby cheeks! But, I won Employee of the Month and I get a bunch of prizes so I really couldn't care what my photo looks like, plus, Mr J Peanut Butter tells me I look beautiful everyday, which also helps. It's been a great Friday today, my bro was so impressed by my snowboarding prowess that he put me on his desktop, along with the monsters he designs when he is in boring meetings. He should be an artist not a corporate-graphic-designer-monkey. Bless his cotton socks.

I personally like them all but my fav is the pink one who looks a little unsatisfied that he has bubbles for hair and not something a little more scary - like pitchforks.

And I thought I'd share with you my favourite accessory ever, which I would wear everyday if I could, my Jungle Necklace. I brought this in the Egyptian desert while visiting a small town, from an adorable little girl who had the most amazing handcrafted goods while all the other sellers had generic poorly made crap. I brought 2 because I like them so much, now I wish I had of brought a million and commissioned her to make as many as she could. Look at the cute little giraffe... and the rhino... so small, sooooo cute!

Lastly, Five Friday Thoughts (sorry I missed last week)

1. "I wish I could spend 15 weeks at 15 different ski hills, and I would start with Revelstoke... it was amazing, everyone should have the chance to ride groomers that nice."

2. "Why do I get half way through a knitting project and lose the enthusiasm?"

3. "What am I going to wear to the wedding when I get back? Where can I find a cute dress?!" (I have been looking at some lovely feathered headbands on Etsy as a good spruce for a plain dress... this one is from kaang)

4. "Why is transferring money internationally so difficult?!"

5. "I hope it snows on Sunday"

... I know, I know, not very deep today - pretty darn superficial thoughts. Hopefully next week I can inspire a little more... hehe!

xx j.

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