Monday, August 24, 2009

A new dress

I managed to "borrow" mum's machine and made myself a brand spanking new dress for Mr JPB and my engagement party at lovely Berth Restaurant at Docklands. The staff were so lovely and patient with the 35 of us and my crazy-camera-wielding-mum. Even with mum taking 5,000,000 photos I still only have this grainy one that was taken on my phone when I got home quite merry indeed. (Gran said I should have put more fabric in the top!)

So I love Burda Style, but I absolutely adore Weekend Designer. This was his Nautical Halter and sooo easy and I shirred for the very first time and it was easy and I loved it and I love the process of doing a pattern from scratch.

So I'm back on the wagon and "forgot" to take mum's machine back for another couple of weeks so hopefully, more sewing posts!

... now back to work...

xx j.

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Kat said...

Hi - I just found your blog via Veronica Darling. I just wanted to say I love this dress! It turned out great. Bummer Weekend Designer is no longer. There were some great patterns on there.