Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekends and introducing Lovely Miss A.

Friends are reading my blog, real, live, fleshy ones - hi friends! Lovely Miss A your garden is amazing, and yes I note the water gage on the corner, strawberry baskets on the side and the developing hot house for your tomato's and think that it is kick ass and so is Mr C for building it for you.

My weekend was spent mending, farmers marketing, bush strolling and watching the boys lose footy...

New jeans! ...well they'll keep for another few months at least...

(watch out Lovely Miss A, this snail could be your birthday present if you're not nice to me! heheh!)We went on a little bush stroll up Mt Zero in the drizzle, there are some lovely bursts of colour around.

'twas a loooverly weekend indeed. xx j.

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