Thursday, October 8, 2009

A dress for Frocktober.

OK so for the very good reason of simply doing Sewtober instead of Frocktober is that I am notorious for running out of fairly crucial things when I'm at critical points in my sewing, like thread for example. Yep, Jess making things hard for herself since 1984...

Anywho, I started the Navy Dress and chickened out on the hacking and used an old dress pattern I had, which will be nice except that vertical stripes and pleats = wide, so tonight I am unpicking and resewing with out the pleats so that hopefully it makes the dress more elegant. My learning for this navy number will be finally getting around to homemade bias binding. I've had a squiz on the net and found a few ways of doing it so hopefully I don't end up with hundreds of tiny bits of unusable fabric and I end up with bias binding. That would be nice.

On another note I'm loving the Cue Jackets with their strong shoulders... but you'll have to go check them out cos I can't get a good photo for you.

xx j.

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Veronica Darling... said...

That looks good so far lady! Hotness in the stripes!