Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sewtober - it still counts if I'm drafting patterns, right?

So last night I didn't actually get to the sewing machine, but I was crazy all over the floor trying to draft and cut out a dress to make tonight. I've got some stretchy navy fabric which should be great but I'm a little scared about drafting my own pattern and I'm a little worried that the neckline will expose my nipples, or something suitably horrible! So I've been to burdastyle and found this Drafting a Princess line Dress... which lead me to this 1942 Modern Pattern Design and decided that it's all a little difficult to learn in an evening so I'm just going to cut and sew and see what I come up with. Ha. We'll see who's laughing tomorrow (I'm sorry Miss Navy Fabric in advance if I massacre you.)

Oh and I can't get Diane Kruger's black dress that she wears in Inglorious Basterds out of my head - it fit her so lovely and nice and she looked amazing. Good movie too, that Tarrantino doesn't like traitors does he...

Well better get to hacking!

And for a little challenge encouragement: Go Miss Veronica Darling! Go!

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Veronica Darling... said...

YAYAYAYAY Go for it! Showing your nipples could be a GOOD thing right?