Thursday, October 29, 2009


Look at what is sitting out my window here at work right now!
Hehehe... I chuckled when I walked back from the printer and saw it. Sooo groovy.

And while I have dropped off the sewing radar a bit, although I have cut out a jumper and finished little miss's dress, I had one of those isn't-life-great moments on the weekend while we were spending some lovely relaxing time with friends down in Lorne. It was at this moment:

Nothing like eggs on the bbq after a good night by the seaside to make you go "ahhhhhh...."
I promise I will have something to show you sewing wise tomorrow.
xx j.
P.S I am super excited by how wonderful Miss V Darling is going in her challenge! I reckon she will get to 31 dresses!

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