Thursday, October 15, 2009


Just a few updates for you and a picture of a rainbow I saw on my way home from work. I swear it was the brightest, thickest rainbow I have ever seen. Very pretty. I'm making a dress for my niece and I am having trouble with the concept of her being so small, she's like 2 but her legs are only 40cms long (or should I say short?) so small, so all my judgement is out on this one. I should finish it tonight and get onto the jeans. Don't hate me for cutting the pattern out on the right sides, I know it's wrong but sometimes I forget. And I needed to share with you the fact that I am now the proud owner of the complete collection of Rohl Dahl books. Wow-o I can't wait for a lazy weekend.

xx j.
(sorry didn't realise these photos were so dodgy... oops)

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