Monday, October 12, 2009

More lush spring time outdoor loveliness

I did sew on the weekend but it was squished between washing the clothes, going for a hike in the Grampians, having a delightful Sunday arvo bbq with guests that drove a long way especially to see us (oh yes we were very lucky little Vegemite's) and getting upset that the worlds worst show in all of time - i.e. Jonathan Creek - has taken over from possibly the best Sunday night telly - i.e. Midsommer Murders - ever! I have some lush, spring, outdoorsy photos for you and check out Mr Sunflower I am growing on my desk I think he's about to come out and say 'hi'!

Canola crop taller than me.

Hollow Mountain walk in the Grampians.
Apparently you don't see Black Boys flowering very often (I dunno! This could be a lie, sorry if it is!) but it was covered in ants so I stayed my distance...

- jess says 'hello little fella, can't wait to see your flower.' (umm... that's not meant to be dirty either...)

More sewing updates tomorrow!

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