Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh yes she did finish her dress!

I finished the Navy Dress, it took me some time but I got there in the end. I even ended up overlocking all the seams, which reminded me I defiantly need to get more acquainted with Ms Overlocker, she was a little stroppy at me!

But then I must have knocked something because she then starting overlocking like this:hmmmm...
Anywho - the dress! The one thing I thought was going to happen was that I was going to run out of bias binding tape (and we all know that took me yonkers to make) but I had the perfect amount! About 2inches to spare even! Ha!
And I think it turned out pretty darn good... I may never go back to store brought bias binding again!
And finally, I present to you, the Navy Dress - finished!

It's stretchy so it didn't need a zip, I added the front 'toggles' (as mum called them) for something different and it feels great. The only problem with it is my body's jiggly bits! Nothing like a spare tyre to ruin a good dress, but I'm gonna wear it anyways.
Lessons Learned
1. Ironing is my bestie.
2. One must iron.
3. How good do things look ironed?!
4. Homemade bias binding - doesn't matter what it looks like on the inside it's the awesome way it looks finished that's important.
Note: Practice stitching in the ditch.
aaah.... feels good to be finished, now to find a nice chiffon dress to copy for some awesome fabric I brought.
xx j.


Veronica Darling... said...

That looks HOT! I wanna make one just like it in red/white stripes! I love the bias binding, now did you use that instead of having to use facing/lining? A lot of the vintage patterns that I've learnt from always talk about the facing and I don't want it that thick, so bias would be better... I've never done any good bias binding edging though... xoxo

Fi said...

i love the dress! i really like the detailing!!!