Monday, November 9, 2009

I didn't call it a challenge for nothing...

So one of the reasons that I decided to to the 1 pattern, 5 ways(1P5W) challenge was to explore fabrics and patterns and to start thinking about things more. And nothing gets you thinking like a massive stuff up. But my question to you is: polyester - what is it good for anyways?

Before we go on a welcom abord to Miss Veronica Darling who is taking on a 1P3W challenge. Her's are going to be lovely. Anywho I got this fabric at an Op shop for a buck. Bargain, (even though I swore never to buy polyester again.)

Hungover on Saturday I though I'd give garment 2/5 a try. It really was pretty good and nice and easy, a singlet with a deep back and a sash and massive bow at the back for interest.

Things I learned.
  1. Measure, measure, measure.
  2. A pattern that looks awesome in stretch knit is going to need to be bigger in polyester and zips/fasteners/press studs etc. will need to be employed.
  3. I am hopeless at making sashes, they just end up like tubes.

So here we have the front (held together.... hehe!)

And the back where I was trying to get all fancy and do something a little different.

I think this one is savable and with a little tweaking could be nice, despite the fact that I'm sure I will sweat in all that polyester.
A little dejected on Sunday I tried another version of the Lydia pattern, this time in safe-as-houses knit which feels lovely (and clings to everything) and is great for work on the 30+ degree days. Simple.

I'm really liking this challenge, it's making my mind tick over.

Finally, I am so stoked that I have raised this little guy from seed and he didn't die on me and my black thumbs!

xx j.

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Kat said...

bummer about try number 2! But they don't call it a challenge for nothing. I quite like the sash and bow idea you used at the back. And the flower is gorgeous!