Wednesday, December 9, 2009


If you know me outside of blogland you will know I am about to Pee! myself with excitement. It's that time of year, the Meredith Music Festival.


And so about 3 years ago when I started sewing after having attended a bunch of Merediths and always loosing our camp Mr JPB and I decided to make a flag. I have 2007's (2008 we were OS and missed it - eeek) but I've lost 2006's which was an awesome eagle and 2007 was a dog with a stick in it's mouth (maybe I'll dig that one up and take some photos for you).

This year the logo is an owl, and quite difficult to recreate in flag form might I add Auntie Meredith, so we interpreted, let me know what you think! We chose this on of their 4 Logos:

Mr JPB picked out the material (sorry honey next year we are getting canvas, I don't care if you want it to shimmer in the wind, silky stuff doesn't sew nice...)

And he drew up the designs:

And I made him cut them out:
And set them and pin them to the flag:

And readjust and give opinions when I asked:
And then I sewed and that was our Saturday! I reckon it looks pretty good, and it will shimmer very nicely because it's made out of the silky stuff. Plus as a bonus, I think it kinda looks like the logo a bit.

Only 2 sleeps!
P.s. I've made a dress too, from those patterns I showed you last time, I just gotta sew in the zip and do the hem tomorrow night and I'll be ready to show you lovelies xx

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