Monday, July 12, 2010

A big update

I'm ridiculously proud that I made No-Knead Bread on the weekend because I thought I was going to stuff it up the whole time and I've always wanted to try. It was delicious and to prove that point I have 3 pictures for you. Yum, yum and yum.
In other news I got 30m of fabric to try and mock up my wedding dress, and oh how I love fabric markdowns at spotlight, they were all only $3 a meter. Let the mocking begin! I was going to show you the burda style strapless dress from their 2/2010 edition that I'm going to try to tweek, but I can't be bothered tracking down the pic online so you'll just have to wait!

In other news we went snowboarding at Mt Hotham with lovely sis and Nems and had tonnes of fun and lovely warm (9 degrees!) weather.

And visiting the only kids I know and by far the cutest little things ever.

Recipient of my first quilt, a little grumpy at 3 weeks old but I'm sure once he snuggles into the quilt his worries will wash away (hehehe...)

And that is my big update.

I will be starting my wedding dress mock up tonight. My plan of attack is to start with the basic strapless dress and work it from there and as I brought so much fabric for so cheap I'm not going to be scared or shy, any hints or tips or words of encouragement are welcome.
Here's a sneaky photo the lovely Ash took when we were at Mariana Hardwick, they yelled at her and they don't put on the web any of their current dresses so it's hard to copy them. This one had a great back, I'll mock one up like this too I think.

I'll be better at updating now! xx

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