Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear diary

Dear diary,
I came across your former self in the form of my travel diary when I was 15 and living in a small town in northern Denmark for a year. I'm now 26 and living in a rural town in western Victoria. You embarrass me now but I guess it's really my 15year old self that did all the embarrassing stuff, who knew I wouldn't find plastering everything with stickers and cut outs of male models from mags cool 11 years later? Anywho, diary, I'm reinventing you now so for at least a week dear diary I'll let you know what I've been up to. Here goes...

I'm getting over a flu that I picked up from my snotty faced adorable nephew, it's not his fault I'm sure he didn't mean it but the reality is he infected me, my brother and my dad and they barely even held him. I on the other had took every opportunity to cuddle the little monster and in another sign from the universe that kids are not on the radar am now paying the consequences. I did however have a lovely sick day on Monday that involved my book, a bath and a long late breakfast so I guess there is always a silver lining.

It's funny that today I decide to write a diary and today Jeremy decides to take me out for a cozy dinner at the capital hotel in horsham.

The steak was awesome, the chicken not so awesome but the bottle of pinot and the company were the highlights

I also got a haircut from my most fav hairdresser Trav at D'Coco in Horsham. He's just so good and so chatty and I've never liked a hairdresser as much.

Tomorrow I start early and head 2 hours down the highway for work
Xx j

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