Friday, June 24, 2011

My darling Diary, I shall name you

True. Blood. Series. Freakin. Three. Yeeeeeessssss.

I hate chain stores with one exception: jb hi fi. JB has to be one of the greatest places on earth. It stocks all the cds I want/need/don't have time to listen to and today while on work in Ballarat I was there and like a kid in a candy store. When I'm there normally I suddenly can't make a cohesive or informed decision, my knees go shaky at all the options and I lurch towards the counter with handfuls of indie alternative cds, sweating. But of late I've taken steps to counter this primal urge that takes me over in JB by keeping a handy list on my phone. Damn I'm clever, and out I walked with 3 cds directly from my list; I heart Hiroshima, does it offend you yeah? and the darwin dees. And True Blood S3, we love Sookie Stackhouse and her crazy friends. I was going to have a point about chain stores how they make you choose between quality and price and suck you in with temporary bargains which you regret later but that only applies if you let them do that and I won't hear a bad word about JB.

While in the regional city of B-rat, I stumbled across this tiny little shop with my new married name proudly helping them to sell flowers. Cool typeface.

Now, I promised a name for you DD how about Mrs? I feel like it's a new era that needs to be acknowledged somehow. Corny? Maybe, we'll see how I feel about it tomorrow.

Xx j

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