Friday, July 1, 2011

Dear Mrs,

I wanted to show you Jeremy's garden even though he's been working 12+hour days he still manages to produce little delights from the veggie patch.

They're so pretty too, I'm a sucker for edible plants, currently I'm trying to find a good perennial one that i can plant in the front garden, pretty but edible is my mantra.

On another note what's with us girls? When I moved to the country about 2 years ago I joined a netball club because that's the done thing up here; spend all day Saturday and Saturday night playing and hanging out at the netball and footy. I was actually gobsmacked that shops close at 12noon and don't open on a Sunday up here, but I digress, girls and netball is meant to be the rant. We seem to make up rules that no one knows about and then revel in the drama that follows, there are so many territorial girls playing and quite frankly I thought the idea was to get out there and have fun not get all catty over if someone might "steal" a position. I don't get it and all last year I was the horrible new girl that was"stealing" someones position and as a result spent a lot of time on the bench while coaches tried to look after the players that had been there for a while. Anywho I don't know what my point is, I don't know how to combat the love-suckers and I don't know why it seems to be a girl thing.

Xx j

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