Monday, July 4, 2011

Dear Mrs,

Weekends are never long enough, the weekend was Friday night dinner; mum and dad came and stayed and we cooked up a birthday dinner for mummy with lemons as the theme because they're always bringing up bags of lemons!

It was a lemon cake with lemon curd and meringue on top which was lucky because the cake turned out pancake thin which gave it a good density in the end. It was lovely having mum and dad visit they watched me play netball in the pouring rain! Not a good day for outdoor sports but being dad's stomping ground in his younger years he had a ball and granny made the best sandwiches and afternoon tea. These country traditions are funny.

Speaking of country traditions I spent Sunday helping Jeremy shovel sheep poo from under a shearing shed and then off to gran and pops for a Sunday lunch, it was very relaxing.
Today I dropped my sewing machine in for a service and got my Burdastyle mag in the post, of course I feel the urge to sew when I can't! I also found some sweet patterns and material at the op shop.

Compared to Sundays, Mondays are a bit of a struggle, nothing a little mushroom risotto and white wine can't fix.
On another note you'll be happy to know the boys who dropped in last week made it to territory day in NT in time to let some fire works off

Xx j

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