Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stratego Monster: I created one.

So I was at the op shop not long ago and found a board game that I just knew Jeremy would lose his bananas over. Perfect condition, the family on the front of the box having a great time, all the pieces, 2 bucks. Stratego is a capture the flag game with an army and little bomb pieces, a cross between battle ships and chess I guess. What a great Friday night in with the boy, I thought, wine and board games; perfect. And it was for the first 6 games. And then I got over playing and talked to much and kept loosing which, if I'm perfectly honest, is not my style - I'm a white line fever kinda girl, I always thought it was about 'playing the game/competiting', but no no, I do like to win. And I wasn't. And I didn't. And he kept begging me to play again and again. So all in all we played it so intensly that I lost all enthusiasm for the game (read: wanted to stop that loosing feeling) that I slightly shudder when I think about Stratego. But I know he enjoys it so whoever comes to stay is lured into his Stratego trap and he qucikly gets his I-love-this-freaking-board-game face on (it's super cute). I sit back and watch his opponents decend into Loserville where I am the mayor. In Loserville there are no bombs, no bananas and 'Stratego' is a dirty, dirty word.

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