Monday, January 16, 2012

Got Milk - NYE2011

I took a bajillion photos at Got Milk 2011. It was seriously the best New Year celebrations I've ever been too.  A far away second goes to the year Jeremy's car broke down and we drank a slab of Coroners in his backyard in 40+ degree heat. That one was totally different though. Got Milk 2011 had an amazing selection of my friends and their friends, and a conversation with someone nice and on the same page was not very far away. Boy, oh boy did I talk. Thinking back now 16 days later I really doubly appreciate how organised Tom and Emma were; things were simple but well set up and it really ran itself most of the time, I guess that's what 3 years of experience does! So here are the highlights from my Got Milk 2011 Festival.

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