Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bright Frames

For my first week of making more things, doing more projects I finished off one that I have been thinking about for ages. For my wedding last year I collected a whole stack of frames and spay-painted them black to act as table numbers. Now I'm going to print out a bunch of photos and use them as a gallery wall in my bedroom, you know, so I can wake up looking at the good times! The dining room also has a rather white wall so this time around I decided I'd add some colour to the frames.

This was a pretty easy project; source op shop frames, clean and spray-paint. I did learn that the wooden frames like the spray-paint better than then plastic ones, the edges need attention to not be 'drippy', the hardest part of this project will be printing the photos. But for now, the frames are done and I'm quite happy with how they turned out.

Baking paper is my friend, it protected my concrete from attack.

Plastic frames, not so paint hungry as the wooden ones.

 Now to add photos!
 I feel good about making things and being inspired by all the wonderful projects floating around blog land.

j. xx


Lauren Bamford said...

They came up great! Good thinking...

Kat said...

Gorgeous frames! We are moving in a week and I am planning on doing a collage feature wall in our kitchen/dining area. I am so excited!!!